This guy doesn’t like me.

I had a little bit of a run-in with one of the students yesterday. I was monitoring the silent study area and told $student to stop talking, which $student was not permitted to do. So then $student threatened me and then walked out, which $student was, once again, not permitted to do. Anyway, $student has now gotten himself into a whole lot of trouble. You see, people may think that they can intimidate me because of my small size, but they’re very much mistaken. Besides, I’ve got jerith to administer beatings and rooijan (when he gets back from Dubai) to give him sarcastic comments. I can guarantee you that $student won’t try anything again if those two get hold of him. But jerith is in Cape Town and rooijan will just make another comment here, so the best I can do is learn from them, and then administer said beatings and sarcastic comments myself… šŸ˜›


On a much better note though, I find this game quite addictive. So does Darryl. (Darryl is one of the other instructors at CTI and one of my best friends.)

And while we’re on better notes, CTI has decided to offer me permanent employment once my contract expires. They’ve given me a bonus too. I’m going to take this offer up; it’s a good opportunity to get some more work experience to get a decent job further down the line. I’ll stay on for at least the rest of the year, and see how things go from there.

To totally change the topic now, if you’re into IRC servers at all then you’ll be interested to know that I’ve started beta-testing UnrealIRCd 3.2.5. What happens when we release versions is that we have a private beta-testing session (during which the beta is made available to about 20 select people, and I’m one of those 20); then there’s a public beta testing session, before the final version is released. We have specific things to test out. I mainly test how UnrealIRCd behaves when two or more servers are linked together – things like channel mode synching and the like. I recall finding a nasty channel mode synching bug a few versions back.

And finally. It takes seven members of the USS Enterprise to change a light bulb. Scotty has to report to Captain Kirk that the light bulb in the Engineering Section is getting dim, at which point Kirk will send Bones to pronounce the bulb dead (although he’ll immediately claim that he’s a doctor, not an electrician). Scotty, after checking around, realizes that they have no more new light bulbs, and complains that he “canna” see in the dark. Kirk will make an emergency stop at the next uncharted planet, Alpha Regula IV, to procure a light bulb from the natives, who, are friendly, but seem to be hiding something. Kirk, Spock, Bones, Yeoman Rand and two red shirt security officers beam down to the planet, where the two security officers are promply killed by the natives, and the rest of the landing party is captured. As something begins to develop between the Captain and Yeoman Rand, Scotty, back in orbit, is attacked by a Klingon destroyer and must warp out of orbit. Although badly outgunned, he cripples the Klingon and races back to the planet in order to rescue Kirk et. al. who have just saved the natives’ from an awful fate and, as a reward, been given all lightbulbs they can carry. The new bulb is then inserted and the Enterprise continues on its five year mission.

Why, oh why, did I get paired with THIS guy?

Some time ago I was given a C# project to do. I won’t go into any details of the project for confidentiality reasons. What I will tell you though, is that I was put in a 2 person team with one Michael Cullen (a former CTI student). Now, I’m working and he’s not, so my role is to manage the project while his role is to do the actual coding. Now, Michael is one lazy little shit. He thinks that he’s a L33T script kiddie hax0r and would far rather spend his worthless time breaking things than doing actual work. It’s no wonder then that he’s been unemployed ever since he graduated from CTI at the beginning of this year. But to get back to the project, I’ve been trying to contact him for about a month now regarding the project. He doesn’t return my messages, and when he actually answers the phone (a rarity) and gets asked to come in to CTI to discuss the project, he never does. I get the distinct impression that he’s avoiding me, for reasons that should by now be obvious to you.

Let me tell you more about Michael. As mentioned, he thinks that he’s the greatest hacker known to mankind. Meanwhile, a 2 year old could own him, and then spank him silly with a big stick until he cries for mercy. He got called into disciplinary hearings at CTI countless times for trying to break into their servers or do something equally stupid (yes, we caught him every time – so much for his hacking skills, or lack thereof). He has absolutely no moral values whatsoever either. I was told about one episode concerning Michael when he was at school. I won’t go into too much detail, but it involves self-pleasure and Religious Education class. Disgusting child. And, it goes without saying that he has absolutely no social skills whatsoever (or he would at least had the decency to answer my messages).

I’ve had enough of him now, and I think that it’s time to teach him a very good lesson. I’m going to follow jerith’s lead, and post his e-mail address for all the world to see: Do what you like with it.

(It’s not in my nature to flame people, by the way. Not unless they give me a very good reason.)

As an endnote, see if you can tell me how many crew members from the USS Enterprise it takes to change a light bulb. Put what you think it is in the comments. I’ll tell you the answer next time I post something.

And you think I relax over weekends?

So, my weekend started with me going home to get my stuff for the LAN that CTI was hosting. We have these roughly every month or so (Chris and his mate Steven organise them) and there has to be a staff member present. Fortunately for all concerned parties, said staff member happens to be a keen gamer, even if said staff member has the worst gaming hardware known to mankind. Now, a freak hailstorm had just hit Durban, and my part of town (Kloof) was particularly badly hit. There was bits and pieces of vegetation everywhere, and in some places it looked like it had actually been snowing instead of hailing. Yes, that’s how much hail there was. I couldn’t believe it when I got home and found that my place had been totally unaffected. I then got my stuff together, started driving out, realized that I’d forgotten the computer’s power cable (always forget something), went back to fetch it, and went off to the LAN. We played lots of DotA, some very cool Warcraft 3 maps, a little bit of Natural Selection (my favourite game), and no Counter-Strike whatsoever. Perfect.

(If you don’t know what Counter-Strike is, you’re better off not knowing.)

Saturday afternoon saw a break from the gaming as Chris, his girlfriend, Steven, Glen (the guy who crashed his car a few weeks back) and myself headed to Musgrave Centre to watch The Da Vinci Code. Now, I’d heard that it wasn’t a good movie from a religious point of view, and I’d seen all the protests on the news. Now, being Catholic, you’d expect me to stay away, but I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. Besides, I can be quite open-minded. The content of the movie didn’t bother me that much (it’s fiction, after all), but I could see why so many people are making a fuss about it. The acting isn’t so good though, so give it a miss unless you really want to watch it.

I left the LAN at around 11:00 on Sunday, went home to catch up on some much needed sleep (you don’t have any idea how difficult it is to get some sleep at a LAN until you attend one) and headed off in the late afternoon to church (the music group that I’m involved in, consisting of youngsters like myself, takes care of the music for the Sunday evening service). I get there and find out that the church has no power and that Durban’s electricity department has been as efficient as ever in trying to sort out the problem. (For those of you living outside Durbs, that means that they didn’t even arrive.) Now, the group consists of around five or six vocalists on microphones, me on the keyboard, two guitars, a bass guitar, and a drum kit. Without any power, we’re pretty much stuffed, so we tried improvising something. We eventually got all the candles and torches we could find (the service starts at 18:00, by which time it’s already dark at this time of year), and phoned around to try and get extra guitar players. The guitars were all that we could use, as my keyboard needs power, the bass needs power, and the drums would have drowned everything out as we had no means of amplification.

In the end, we managed alright, and we headed off to watch a movie. (Although first I headed off to Mammarazzi in Hillcrest to go get some pizza. They make the best pizza in town.) We watched “Pay It Forward” which had a nice moral message to it. After that I finally headed home for some much needed sleep.

All this activity over this weekend has taken its toll, and I’m at work right now feeling like a real zombie. Fortunately the shop down the road sells Red Bull. As “Red Bull gives you wiiings”, so I’m going to use said “wiiings” to fly back home and get some more sleep.

For your information, Gauteng won the Scorers Association of the Year award. Surprise surprise.

Two meetings. One day.

I had to deal with two meetings in one day yesterday. The first was our usual CTI academic staff meeting, in which we discussed several issues, not least that internet room. It’s been closed down now until we can implement some ideas. We are implementing quite a few of the ideas that I mentioned in my earlier post. I won’t say which ones though – until we re-open it.

The second meeting was the Annual General Meeting of the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Scorers Association. We held it at one of the boardrooms at Suncoast Casino. If anyone is wondering why we have it there and not at Kingsmead, it’s because all the other cricket scorers are major gamblers. Personally, I see gambling as just another way to lose your money…

But anyway, back to the meeting. We’ve identified a big problem, and that being that there will probably be increased games on weekdays next season. Considering that we’re either students or we’re working, we face the situation of not having enough manpower. There’s only about 10 of us. They’ve lost my services for weekday games because of my work commitments. Which wasn’t a problem for this past season, as I was still studying. The bottom line, therefore, is that we need new members who are able to do weekday games (like the four-day provincial series). If you’re reading this and you’re able and interested, there will be training courses some time in August, and you should contact Kingsmead for more information closer to the time.

The other thing worth mentioning is that we’ve been nominated as one of the scorers associations of the year for the third year running. The other two are Gauteng and Eastern Province. The announcement as to which one of the three wins the award will be made in Johannesburg this evening. We won it last year, so hopefully we can repeat that. However, Gauteng will probably get it because of a certain one day international earlier this season. I’m talking about the game where Australia made a world-record 434 runs in 50 overs against us, then we won by one wicket off the second-last ball of the match. I was watching that game closely, and noticed that the scorers there were on the ball (pun intended) the entire game. It couldn’t have been easy, and I know that I certainly wouldn’t have liked to be in the scorebox for that game. The older scorers tell me that they’re not fond of situations like that, and I’ve heard them complain about the one time when the South African individual batting score record of 275 was equalled at Kingsmead a few seasons back. (It’s been broken since.)

Anyway, back to work.

Give me the power!

So, my motherboard and power supply arrived last week – and because the power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case, it doesn’t reach the motherboard. PC Zone told me to return it and get a power supply with longer leads, which I was going to do, until Chris told me about a company called NCST (Natal Cabling blah blah). They’re at Unit 3, Ebony Park, Springfield Park, and apparently they sell extension leads for around R60. If anyone knows where this place is (I’m guessing that it’s roughly across the road from Makro), please leave a comment…

Flu, pracs, and Blou Bulle… oh my!

Seems like everyone’s getting the flu these days. I started feeling sick on Wednesday afternoon, and had to go home early on Thursday. The doctor told me to stay at home on Friday, which was nice. He also prescribed some anti-biotics… not so nice. Anyway, they seem to have done the trick and I’m feeling much better now (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing another meaningless post). Now all I have to do is try to get my employers to classify Friday as “sick leave”. I got a note from the doctor, which should do the trick. (I hope…)

I’m sure that I speak for everyone in KZN by saying that the Sharks deserved to go into the Super 14 semi-finals. For those who don’t know, we finished level fourth with the Blue Bulls, but they went through by having a superior points difference. By one point. Personally, I can’t stand the team from Pretoria (they’re a bunch of cocky, arrogant bastards), so guess which team I won’t be supporting next week…

I’m probably going to be marking a lot of Wireless Networking practicals next week. Nothing major, they pretty much have to set up a wireless network with some sort of security. If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, we only have one qualified hardware instructor at the moment and I have some knowledge of what the hardware students do, so they’ve asked me to help out there. We’ve been discussing getting hold of a past hardware student and asking them to help out for a while. Much like I’m doing for the programming section at the moment.

And while we’re on the subject of exams, I found this on rooijan’s blog. (He’s a friend of mine.) Could be the best exam answer ever.

I’m printing this one out and sticking it on my computer to give the students something to smile about šŸ™‚

Stalking students…

This is what happens on IRC when one of your students decides to stalk you… happened last night when I was trying to upload those photos the first time.

* Now talking on #durban
* Topic for #durban is: We(Danny) put the U in idiot
* Topic for #durban set by wizzard! at Mon May 08 13:17:16 2006
Ā«SavageĀ» Kieron
Ā«Ron2KĀ» …
Ā«SavageĀ» u work @ CTI
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Correct.
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Why?
Ā«SavageĀ» ??
Ā«wizzardĀ» and here we observe a stalker in their natural habitat. It seems we are lucky enough to see this one showing itself to its victim. Lets watch…
Ā«SavageĀ» LOL : wizzard
Ā«SavageĀ» no i know u but u dont know me
Ā«SavageĀ» well u do but u havent acknowledged me
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Stalkers… šŸ˜›
* Ron2K suspects that Savage found his blog…
* Savage raises a eye-brow
Ā«SavageĀ» back 2 the action
Ā«DannyĀ» haha
Ā«SavageĀ» Ron2k u sit next 2 a Indian guy
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Talking of which, it doesn’t want to let me update it. Stupid bloody 56K line.
Ā«SavageĀ» shame life will go on
Ā«SavageĀ» anies
* Ron2K does a /WHOIS on Savage
Ā«Ron2KĀ» * [Savage] ( james
Ā«Ron2KĀ» OK, now I know who you are.

For the record, James Varty, aka Savage, is a quiet guy who tends to keep to himself. Now we know why.

Photos. Finally

Turns out that the anti-virus update was leeching my bandwidth, so I’m going to have another go at posting those photos. Feel free to leave nasty comments if they don’t upload this time.

How do you use a 3GB cap in a week?

Don’t even attempt to answer that question. But anyway, the students at CTI managed it.

OK, let me give you some background information. We have an internet room for the students. We’re connected via an ADSL line to the rest of the world, with a 3GB cap. Now, with students being students… you know the rest. Anyway, this time it took them five days to blow it.

The problem is that the staff share the connection with the students, so we’re affected by this as well. With the finance department needing to do Internet banking, that is a bit of a problem. The solution should be to have two ADSL lines, one for the staff, and one for the students. That way, the students can experience hell on earth (and deservedly so) when they use up their cap, while we can get to go through the whole month without such worries (unless someone on the staff downloads naughty things, which realistically shouldn’t happen). However, some may argue that just letting the Internet abusers amongst the students abuse the Internet like that is unfair on those who actually use the Internet for work. So, what we should do is limit what each individual student could download to, say, 25MB per month. The only problem is that I don’t know how to do this. I would guess that a proxy server, together with a domain controller (giving the students an individual login and password; right now there’s no such authentication, which is a tad impractical) would do the trick. Only… I have no knowledge of proxy servers. I don’t even know if Windows Server 2003 has proxy server capabilities. Tried looking though its help system earlier today, but found nothing. Typical Microsoft help. Oh well, suppose I should ask Jeremy for help on how to use squid (Linux’s proxy server). He should be well aquainted with it, given his knowledge of UKZN’s system. Failing which, I’ll have to make friends with Google.

I’ll have some suggestions at the next staff meeting, though.

Finally found the digital camera after a few hours trying to figure out where it had been hidden this time, so I took some photos of my new case. They don’t want to upload over my 56K line at home, so you’ll have to wait a few more days to see them. (Motherboard still hasn’t arrived, by the way.)

On a more serious note. I mentioned car crashes in my last post. Unfortunately, one of my friends (who will remain anonymous) wrote off his car the other day. The details that I heard are a tad sketchy, but from what I gathered, he was on the M13 in the vicinity of exit 7 (the University Road / Essex Terrace offramp) when a pedestrian ran in front of his car. He swerved, lost control, ended up on the opposite carriageway (somehow dodging the oncoming traffic) before hitting the barriers on the opposite side. Cracked a rib and a knee cap, and wrote off his car (he was going at quite some speed), but at least he’s OK, and that’s what counts.

Finally. (I know you’re sick of reading this by now.) I’ve successfully registered the domain, and set it up to point here.

That is all.

Waiting for the car crash…

OK. My little sister turned 18 on Wednesday. On Thursday, she went for her driver’s license… and got it. God help us.

It’s not that she’s reckless or anything. She just doesn’t concentrate while driving. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s come close to crashing into something because she hasn’t looked. Lane changes on the M13 freeway are by far the best example of this. I’m just waiting for the day when she writes off my mom’s car.

(If I ever get a car, she’s not driving it.)

Talking about waiting, I’m currently waiting for Chris to get me a motherboard and power supply for my new killer gaming rig. I’ve ordered a 500W PSU and the Gigabyte K8N Pro SLI mobo. Going to have fun installing them when they arrive (sometime next week is most likely). Once done, I’ll get all trigger-happy with the digital camera and take some photos for anyone who cares. Come to think of it, I should take some photos of my case too.

I’m also working on registering the domain “” to point to this blog. It’s an easier URL for everyone to remember. I’ll post back once it’s up and running.

That’s all for me for today. Remember…

“Life is a game. Just very badly programmed.”