And you think I relax over weekends?

So, my weekend started with me going home to get my stuff for the LAN that CTI was hosting. We have these roughly every month or so (Chris and his mate Steven organise them) and there has to be a staff member present. Fortunately for all concerned parties, said staff member happens to be a keen gamer, even if said staff member has the worst gaming hardware known to mankind. Now, a freak hailstorm had just hit Durban, and my part of town (Kloof) was particularly badly hit. There was bits and pieces of vegetation everywhere, and in some places it looked like it had actually been snowing instead of hailing. Yes, that’s how much hail there was. I couldn’t believe it when I got home and found that my place had been totally unaffected. I then got my stuff together, started driving out, realized that I’d forgotten the computer’s power cable (always forget something), went back to fetch it, and went off to the LAN. We played lots of DotA, some very cool Warcraft 3 maps, a little bit of Natural Selection (my favourite game), and no Counter-Strike whatsoever. Perfect.

(If you don’t know what Counter-Strike is, you’re better off not knowing.)

Saturday afternoon saw a break from the gaming as Chris, his girlfriend, Steven, Glen (the guy who crashed his car a few weeks back) and myself headed to Musgrave Centre to watch The Da Vinci Code. Now, I’d heard that it wasn’t a good movie from a religious point of view, and I’d seen all the protests on the news. Now, being Catholic, you’d expect me to stay away, but I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. Besides, I can be quite open-minded. The content of the movie didn’t bother me that much (it’s fiction, after all), but I could see why so many people are making a fuss about it. The acting isn’t so good though, so give it a miss unless you really want to watch it.

I left the LAN at around 11:00 on Sunday, went home to catch up on some much needed sleep (you don’t have any idea how difficult it is to get some sleep at a LAN until you attend one) and headed off in the late afternoon to church (the music group that I’m involved in, consisting of youngsters like myself, takes care of the music for the Sunday evening service). I get there and find out that the church has no power and that Durban’s electricity department has been as efficient as ever in trying to sort out the problem. (For those of you living outside Durbs, that means that they didn’t even arrive.) Now, the group consists of around five or six vocalists on microphones, me on the keyboard, two guitars, a bass guitar, and a drum kit. Without any power, we’re pretty much stuffed, so we tried improvising something. We eventually got all the candles and torches we could find (the service starts at 18:00, by which time it’s already dark at this time of year), and phoned around to try and get extra guitar players. The guitars were all that we could use, as my keyboard needs power, the bass needs power, and the drums would have drowned everything out as we had no means of amplification.

In the end, we managed alright, and we headed off to watch a movie. (Although first I headed off to Mammarazzi in Hillcrest to go get some pizza. They make the best pizza in town.) We watched “Pay It Forward” which had a nice moral message to it. After that I finally headed home for some much needed sleep.

All this activity over this weekend has taken its toll, and I’m at work right now feeling like a real zombie. Fortunately the shop down the road sells Red Bull. As “Red Bull gives you wiiings”, so I’m going to use said “wiiings” to fly back home and get some more sleep.

For your information, Gauteng won the Scorers Association of the Year award. Surprise surprise.

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One Response to And you think I relax over weekends?

  1. Kim van Wyk says:

    I heard about the powerless Mass – must have been “different”, to say the least.

    It seems like it went off okay though. At least now Fr. Brian has an answer for what we’ll do when the power fails – he asked me months ago what our back up plan was. All I could say was guitars and hymns…

    Incidentally, it’s funny how the internet works. I found your blog while doing a Google Blogsearch for my username…