Flu, pracs, and Blou Bulle… oh my!

Seems like everyone’s getting the flu these days. I started feeling sick on Wednesday afternoon, and had to go home early on Thursday. The doctor told me to stay at home on Friday, which was nice. He also prescribed some anti-biotics… not so nice. Anyway, they seem to have done the trick and I’m feeling much better now (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing another meaningless post). Now all I have to do is try to get my employers to classify Friday as “sick leave”. I got a note from the doctor, which should do the trick. (I hope…)

I’m sure that I speak for everyone in KZN by saying that the Sharks deserved to go into the Super 14 semi-finals. For those who don’t know, we finished level fourth with the Blue Bulls, but they went through by having a superior points difference. By one point. Personally, I can’t stand the team from Pretoria (they’re a bunch of cocky, arrogant bastards), so guess which team I won’t be supporting next week…

I’m probably going to be marking a lot of Wireless Networking practicals next week. Nothing major, they pretty much have to set up a wireless network with some sort of security. If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, we only have one qualified hardware instructor at the moment and I have some knowledge of what the hardware students do, so they’ve asked me to help out there. We’ve been discussing getting hold of a past hardware student and asking them to help out for a while. Much like I’m doing for the programming section at the moment.

And while we’re on the subject of exams, I found this on rooijan’s blog. (He’s a friend of mine.) Could be the best exam answer ever.

I’m printing this one out and sticking it on my computer to give the students something to smile about 🙂

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