Give me the power!

So, my motherboard and power supply arrived last week – and because the power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case, it doesn’t reach the motherboard. PC Zone told me to return it and get a power supply with longer leads, which I was going to do, until Chris told me about a company called NCST (Natal Cabling blah blah). They’re at Unit 3, Ebony Park, Springfield Park, and apparently they sell extension leads for around R60. If anyone knows where this place is (I’m guessing that it’s roughly across the road from Makro), please leave a comment…

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One Response to Give me the power!

  1. -=BlahBlahMan=- says:

    Lemon cheese and biscuits!! Strange world heh!? Anyway dude, its like somewhere in Springfield! Use you manly instincts or something! Just dont ask a woman for directions….you’ll get lost! Ask CTI for their map or something and you’ll get it from there!