Stalking students…

This is what happens on IRC when one of your students decides to stalk you… happened last night when I was trying to upload those photos the first time.

* Now talking on #durban
* Topic for #durban is: We(Danny) put the U in idiot
* Topic for #durban set by wizzard! at Mon May 08 13:17:16 2006
«Savage» Kieron
«Ron2K» …
«Savage» u work @ CTI
«Ron2K» Correct.
«Ron2K» Why?
«Savage» ??
«wizzard» and here we observe a stalker in their natural habitat. It seems we are lucky enough to see this one showing itself to its victim. Lets watch…
«Ron2K» LOL
«Savage» LOL : wizzard
«Savage» no i know u but u dont know me
«Savage» well u do but u havent acknowledged me
«Ron2K» Stalkers… 😛
* Ron2K suspects that Savage found his blog…
* Savage raises a eye-brow
«Savage» back 2 the action
«Danny» haha
«Savage» Ron2k u sit next 2 a Indian guy
«Ron2K» Talking of which, it doesn’t want to let me update it. Stupid bloody 56K line.
«Savage» shame life will go on
«Savage» anies
* Ron2K does a /WHOIS on Savage
«Ron2K» * [Savage] ( james
«Ron2K» OK, now I know who you are.

For the record, James Varty, aka Savage, is a quiet guy who tends to keep to himself. Now we know why.

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