This guy doesn’t like me.

I had a little bit of a run-in with one of the students yesterday. I was monitoring the silent study area and told $student to stop talking, which $student was not permitted to do. So then $student threatened me and then walked out, which $student was, once again, not permitted to do. Anyway, $student has now gotten himself into a whole lot of trouble. You see, people may think that they can intimidate me because of my small size, but they’re very much mistaken. Besides, I’ve got jerith to administer beatings and rooijan (when he gets back from Dubai) to give him sarcastic comments. I can guarantee you that $student won’t try anything again if those two get hold of him. But jerith is in Cape Town and rooijan will just make another comment here, so the best I can do is learn from them, and then administer said beatings and sarcastic comments myself… 😛


On a much better note though, I find this game quite addictive. So does Darryl. (Darryl is one of the other instructors at CTI and one of my best friends.)

And while we’re on better notes, CTI has decided to offer me permanent employment once my contract expires. They’ve given me a bonus too. I’m going to take this offer up; it’s a good opportunity to get some more work experience to get a decent job further down the line. I’ll stay on for at least the rest of the year, and see how things go from there.

To totally change the topic now, if you’re into IRC servers at all then you’ll be interested to know that I’ve started beta-testing UnrealIRCd 3.2.5. What happens when we release versions is that we have a private beta-testing session (during which the beta is made available to about 20 select people, and I’m one of those 20); then there’s a public beta testing session, before the final version is released. We have specific things to test out. I mainly test how UnrealIRCd behaves when two or more servers are linked together – things like channel mode synching and the like. I recall finding a nasty channel mode synching bug a few versions back.

And finally. It takes seven members of the USS Enterprise to change a light bulb. Scotty has to report to Captain Kirk that the light bulb in the Engineering Section is getting dim, at which point Kirk will send Bones to pronounce the bulb dead (although he’ll immediately claim that he’s a doctor, not an electrician). Scotty, after checking around, realizes that they have no more new light bulbs, and complains that he “canna” see in the dark. Kirk will make an emergency stop at the next uncharted planet, Alpha Regula IV, to procure a light bulb from the natives, who, are friendly, but seem to be hiding something. Kirk, Spock, Bones, Yeoman Rand and two red shirt security officers beam down to the planet, where the two security officers are promply killed by the natives, and the rest of the landing party is captured. As something begins to develop between the Captain and Yeoman Rand, Scotty, back in orbit, is attacked by a Klingon destroyer and must warp out of orbit. Although badly outgunned, he cripples the Klingon and races back to the planet in order to rescue Kirk et. al. who have just saved the natives’ from an awful fate and, as a reward, been given all lightbulbs they can carry. The new bulb is then inserted and the Enterprise continues on its five year mission.

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2 Responses to This guy doesn’t like me.

  1. jerith says:

    Ooh, using me as a weapon. I like that plan. If you can arrange to send him to Cape Town I can implement suitably severe righteous retribution.

  2. Colin Alston says:

    Jerith left me as proxy for Durban based beatings 🙂