Two meetings. One day.

I had to deal with two meetings in one day yesterday. The first was our usual CTI academic staff meeting, in which we discussed several issues, not least that internet room. It’s been closed down now until we can implement some ideas. We are implementing quite a few of the ideas that I mentioned in my earlier post. I won’t say which ones though – until we re-open it.

The second meeting was the Annual General Meeting of the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Scorers Association. We held it at one of the boardrooms at Suncoast Casino. If anyone is wondering why we have it there and not at Kingsmead, it’s because all the other cricket scorers are major gamblers. Personally, I see gambling as just another way to lose your money…

But anyway, back to the meeting. We’ve identified a big problem, and that being that there will probably be increased games on weekdays next season. Considering that we’re either students or we’re working, we face the situation of not having enough manpower. There’s only about 10 of us. They’ve lost my services for weekday games because of my work commitments. Which wasn’t a problem for this past season, as I was still studying. The bottom line, therefore, is that we need new members who are able to do weekday games (like the four-day provincial series). If you’re reading this and you’re able and interested, there will be training courses some time in August, and you should contact Kingsmead for more information closer to the time.

The other thing worth mentioning is that we’ve been nominated as one of the scorers associations of the year for the third year running. The other two are Gauteng and Eastern Province. The announcement as to which one of the three wins the award will be made in Johannesburg this evening. We won it last year, so hopefully we can repeat that. However, Gauteng will probably get it because of a certain one day international earlier this season. I’m talking about the game where Australia made a world-record 434 runs in 50 overs against us, then we won by one wicket off the second-last ball of the match. I was watching that game closely, and noticed that the scorers there were on the ball (pun intended) the entire game. It couldn’t have been easy, and I know that I certainly wouldn’t have liked to be in the scorebox for that game. The older scorers tell me that they’re not fond of situations like that, and I’ve heard them complain about the one time when the South African individual batting score record of 275 was equalled at Kingsmead a few seasons back. (It’s been broken since.)

Anyway, back to work.

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