Hillcrest traffic sucks.

OK, I need to make a mental note to myself…


I have to go to Hillcrest every Monday night at around 18:00. Usually, the traffic is quite busy but you can get through without much problem. (Which is more that can be said for the peak traffic periods. I’ve been caught up in the 16:30 rush before, and I do not wish to repeat that experience.) Anyway, no such luck last night. Apparently, a Christian band called Hillsong was playing at the Highway Christian Academy, which is on Inanda Road (that’s the road between Hillcrest and Waterfall for the non-locals reading this). So, to cut a long story short, every man and his dog was on the road to Hillcrest. Hillcrest is busy at the best of times; add the Hillsong traffic to the mix… you work it out. Now, the concert started at 19:00. When I arrived on the scene at 17:45, the traffic was already pulled back towards the Everton offramp on the M13. It took 10 minutes to drive the two kilometres between the Everton and Hillcrest offramps, and another 10 minutes to get as far as the Heritage Market. Once past there, the traffic wasn’t as bad, and once I got past the Inanda Road intersection in the middle of Hillcrest the traffic was non-existent (because they all turned off down said road).

Just before I left to go back home at around 19:30, I received notification that the inevitable pile-up on Inanda Road had happened, and that the traffic on said road was not moving at all. In both directions. Fortunately, I live in Kloof, so I was able to get back home via Assagay and Kassier Road. I felt sorry for the people who lived in Waterfall. (They actually followed me home, and then went via Kloof Gorge.)

Oh, and I’ve seen what I want for Christmas. I just need an electronic engineer to build it for me…

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