IRC Services forums temporarily down

Just a quick note to inform you that the IRC Services community forums that I maintain are temporarily down, as I’m moving them to new webhosting. It’s going to take a few days for them to come back up. As I write this, I’m using FTP to move all the PHP files and the database over to the new host. Then I have to contact and tell them to change the nameservers, which will take a few days for them to do. Then it will take a few more days for those DNS changes to propagate. Which is, incidentally, the one real gripe I have with DNS caching – whenever you change DNS stuff, you always have to wait for those changes to propagate because some DNS server somewhere that has the old information in its cache is feeding users that old information. (Until that old information expires.) I will post back as soon as the site is operational again.

If you have absolutely no idea what any of that stuff in the above paragraph means, Google Is Your Friend.

Oh, and if you’re expecting to still find me on the KnightNet IRC network, I may as well tell you. I’ve permanently left them. I’m sick and tired of fighting with the network staff over getting their ircd upgraded (they’re running a derivative of UnrealIRCd 3.2.1 and we’re about to release 3.2.5); additionally I’m tired of getting abuse from said staff every time I try to help said IRC network out with something. You can still find me on FireServ and Ethereal though.

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3 Responses to IRC Services forums temporarily down

  1. jerith says:

    Perhaps you should point your domain’s nameservers at somewhere like where you manage the DNS yourself. That way you don’t have to wait for either zanic or your hosting provider to do DNS stuff for you…

  2. Ron2K says:

    But then I have to get the nameservers changed again

    Or maybe I’m just plain lazy.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Have fun and Goodluck to you Ron.

    – Moloch