Wanted: one probabilistically sorted list algorithm.

(If you’re not both a programmer and an IRC addict, stop reading this post. Now. Otherwise it will just confuse you.)

I’m trying to come up with an algorithm for a probabilistically sorted list to improve UnrealIRCd’s spamfilter system. For more information on what I’m trying to achieve, read this article in the Unreal 3.3* development wiki. Now, I’m trying to work out the best way of doing this, and I’m kind of short on ideas (although I do have some sort of general idea that I need to refine a bit before I dare to post it). If you have any suggestions, please post in comments, e-mail me, SMS me… whatever.

I’ve decided to give this a try as it will really challenge my logic skills (or lack thereof). If there’s something I like, it’s a programming challenge. Also, this is a really good way for me to contribute to UnrealIRCd, instead of the usual bug report or feature suggestion that I occasionally make.

By the way, I’m only going to (try to) develop the algorithm, and then submit it to the UnrealIRCd team. As I don’t know any C, I can’t actually code it. Which kind of sucks. (Incidentally, I may be switching over to C++ as my main programming language soon… if it goes ahead, I’ll let you know more about that one.)

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