First Bootable attained!

During my week off, my processor and RAM arrived. I installed them, then plugged in the old TNT2 graphics card to see if all was well. To my surprise, everything worked first time. I’d even plugged in those LED lights in the front of the case the right way around. Of course, I can only get as far as the BIOS screen at the moment since I don’t have the hard drives yet (they’re coming on Thursday, together with my new keyboard and mouse), but at least I now know that I can put together a computer from scratch (which isn’t as easy as it sounds). And crimp network cables too.

I’ve nearly finished construction of my new PC now. After the hard drive and peripherals arrive, I just need to wait for my power supply extension cables to arrive, and then next month when I have some cash I can splash out on the graphics card. I’ve decided which card I’m going to get – it’s (surprise surprise) the GeForce 7950 GX2. To get the cash for that, I’m cutting down on the hard drives. Instead of four drives in RAID 0+1, I’m settling for just two drives in RAID 0. Besides, as was pointed out to me, four drives is overkill.

I quite enjoyed my week off, and wish that I could have had longer than a week. (Don’t we all?) We had a good time showing my aunt around the place, from the little nature reserves to the Midlands to the Hare Krishna temple in Chatsworth. (The breyani that they serve there is absolutely awesome.) Today they’re off to the Tala Game Reserve just outside Pietermaritzburg. While I’m stuck here at work.

I’ve been told about the rAGe LAN, which is a 700 man gaming event happening in Johannesburg on the last weekend of September. Two of my friends are going, and they’ve invited me to go with them. Now I need to get that PC finished and working…

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