He flamed Linux. Let’s flame him back.

I picked up my copy of the August PCFormat, and headed off to the “letters to the editor” section. The following letter was there:

Once again Cameron [the guy who does the PCF cover discs – Ron] surpasses himself with the cover DVD. Wow, a double sided DVD, and what does he do? Dedicates the WHOLE side 2 to Linux. WHO THE BLOODY HELL IS INTERESTED IN LINUX??? Windows XP is good enough – thank you. What about all those movie trailers, game trailers, game patches, drivers, game mods and applications to make your PC run faster? Millions of stuff out there and you give us Linux. You give us one measly WinOptimiser, for which you need the Internet to activate, (so it’s useless to me) a few demos, two pathetic patches, (I wish you would forget about BLOODY Battlefield 2) and the rest is all useless crap. The only thing your double sided DVD is good for, is a bloomin’ frisbee. Walt, you have the right idea in your soap box. WAKE UP, CAMERON!

Frisbee Pro

No, Windows XP is not good enough, thank you very much. Windows is generally buggy and generally crap, and I’m looking forward to the day when I can play Natural Selection on Linux. As to “who the bloody hell is interested in Linux”, well, I am, and most of the other PCFormat readers are – Linux is apparently top of the request list for the cover disc. (I just wish that they’d stick Gentoo on, but that’s another story.)

I don’t know what your impressions of “Frisbee Pro” are, but mine are that he’s a 13-year-old spoiled brat. If you don’t like the magazine (or it’s cover disc), then either offer constructive criticism or don’t buy the thing in the first place.

I’m just about ready to send a tactical nuke in the general direction of Nelspruit. Who’s with me?

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5 Responses to He flamed Linux. Let’s flame him back.

  1. Evil Uncle Edd says:

    Send your own letter to the editor. Flame him publicly.

  2. Cameron Losco says:

    Thanks for the support!
    That letter just irritated me but I’m sure you could see that from my reply. I think that its because some people are scared of change and/or are not willing to change because they fear it.



  3. jerith says:

    While not quite the same thing, I recently blogged about useless blog comments.

    People who think you should cater specifically for them just because they happen to run across whatever it is you’re publishing are really annoying.

    About Gentoo, I don’t think it’s a good choice for a covercd on a publication like PCFormat. Rather stick to the Ubuntus of the world, they’re far more likely to pull people in than the nuts and bolts of a source-based distro.

  4. Ron2K says:

    Edd, I like your thinking, but I’m too well-known to be able to attempt this. Sorry.

    Cameron, support is free of charge. Don’t let these idiots out there put you off. You’re doing a great job, keep it up.

    jerith, I can see your point about Gentoo; my argument, however, is that it may be worthwhile giving the users a different taste of Linux. I know you’ll disagree with me but that’s just my 2c. My reasoning is that the wider the range of distros that you’re familiar with, the better equipped you are.

  5. jerith says:

    Perhaps Fedora or SuSE to show them how horrible RPMs are or Debian to show them what Ubuntu looks like with the lid off, then.

    More than the whole usability thing, there’s just no easy way to get around Gentoo’s bandwidth-hunger. Everything and its cousin is in Portage and the sheer flexibility of USE flags makes building a package DVD (such as you can get for some of the other distros) decidedly nontrivial.

    Cameron: Keep up the good work. I don’t read PCFormat myself (all my magazine subscriptions have lapsed simply because of my lack of time to read them) but any publication that brings open source to the masses has my support.