Last minute practice sessions.

For those loyal (*COUGH*) readers going to rAge, there’s two practice opportunities. The first is the next CTI LAN happening this weekend – same details as last time, I’m too lazy to retype. Then, on the 23rd, there’s a LAN at IT Intellect in Musgrave Centre; head on off to for details and to register. I may not be able to make the latter though, as I’m booked for a wedding on that day… (yes rooijan, I actually remembered about it, for a change).

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3 Responses to Last minute practice sessions.

  1. Kim van Wyk says:

    That’s very impressive, because I’d forgotten…

  2. Edrich De Lange says:

    for a moment I wondered, why the hell is orchestra notices coming thru on

    too many orchestra thing going on atm.

    btw, ifa anyone is interested, we have a nice concert at suncoast casino thurs evening, starts 7pm.
    going to be nice music.

  3. Morne says:

    Excellent I’ll see you at the cti lan.
    Ill think about coming to the It Intellect Lan since i live a minute away from musgrave. For those who know musgrave centre IT Intellect is located at the old library location next to Idols up the stairs.