Mixing madness.

Every now and then, I take it upon myself to mix a rave CD, which I do just for the fun of it. It’s quite a bit of work; the procedure goes as follows:

  1. Spend the weekend figuring out what we’re going to play – finding a decent tracklist that fits onto a CD and sounds nice is a challenge in itself.
  2. Find 80 minutes of your time when your little sister is unlikely to disturb you and record the mix, only to discover that it comes to 81 minutes and 32 seconds. As you can only fit 80 minutes of audio onto a CD, this is a little bit of a problem.
  3. Spend the next two hours re-recording sections of your mix, trying to make it shorter. Eventually you get it down to 79 minutes and 56 seconds. Good enough.
  4. Use your CD burning software to split the mix into tracks. The trick here is accuracy; I can get my track changes accurate to within thousandths of a second by now.
  5. Search the house for a CD to burn your mix to, only to discover that aforementioned little sister has used the last of your own private CD stockpile to burn her own stuff on. Throttle sister.
  6. Make mental note to self to buy more CDs.
  7. Make mental note to hide away CDs once you’ve bought them.

I won’t post a tracklist because most of you don’t share my taste for music and the friends of mine that do don’t read this.

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One Response to Mixing madness.

  1. jerith says:

    Ah, the trials and tribulations of having a little sister.

    I find that keeping a few blanks buried in the piles of random CDs I have all over the place tends to help with this. Not a deliberate strategy in my case, but it does the trick. 😉