Your typical CTI student.

OK, I do have something else to post before my trip…. anyway, found this on voyager42’s blog. Reminded me of some of the students we have.

“You have to open Passkey Login. Double-click the icon. That one there. The one that says ‘Passkey Login’ under it. That one. The icon, not the word. Okay, press Escape to get out of this. At the top left of the keyboard. Now try again. Click on the picture. No, double-click with the left button. No, double click. No, you have to click it twice fast. Faster. No, only use the left button. No, faster. Okay, wait a second. Try right-clicking it. With the right button. With the right button. Okay, now left-click on Open. The top one. Not the top of the screen, the top of the menu. No, the top one. Not that one. Okay, close this. Click on Cancel. Cancel. The one that says ‘Cancel’ on it. I’m pointing at it. Click on it. Now click on yes. Okay, right click the icon. The one that says ‘Passkey Login’ under it. Now move the mouse pointer over the top word on the list, ‘Open’. Now click with the left button. Okay. You have to log in. Do you know your password? Okay, good. Type your name in the first box here. Click in it first. Okay. Type your first name. Okay, click in the second box. Now type your password. Yes, it comes up as stars so I can’t see it. No, the computer knows it’s not all stars. Yes. Yes. Press Enter. Okay, did you type your password correctly? No, it’s not because it turned into stars. I’m sure. …You know what? I have to go, I’m on break.”

It’s so true…

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8 Responses to Your typical CTI student.

  1. jerith says:

    Part of the problem is the interface. Windows is needlessly complex for newbies. Then again, there aren’t really very many better alternatives.

    Still, one would expect a minimum of competence from someone who has already completed twelve years of schooling…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget Ron, you were once a student yourself…

    there are things i know you cant do.. and it sometimes is as simple a click in the right position. And where some pics of your new Graphics card?

  3. Ron2K says:

    I know. But I wasn’t THAT bad… (I hope :P)

    Thanks for reminding me about pics of my new system. Seems I forgot about them. Will try find the camera and take some pics. On that note, I still need to do my rAge report (should post that later today). It’s just that I’ve been incredibly busy this week.

  4. Anonymous says:

    RAGE… i’m sure it was freakin awesome. And btw, did darryl tell you about the new Quad core’s from intel?, or the fact , intel are producing a 180 FPU core? hmm. check them out @ tomshardware. cause your gonna cry. Plus nvidia have started with plans on the new g80 core, which will use the all new GDDR 4, and have a core speed of approx 800 mhz. which is blazin fast. later dude.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh and i almost forgot, you are not that bad i have seem worse. The sad fact is that there is always someone better than you. And no matter how good you are to everyone else. you still suck to them…

  6. Ron2K says:

    I heard a rumour that those Intel quad-core processors have some memory bandwidth issues, but I don’t know how true that is. In any case, I’d prefer not to judge until the AMD equivalent is released. Ditto for the G80.

    (Leigh, I’m assuming that it’s you posting this.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey dude sup. Well i’m thinking that the problem is really that the CPU’s bandwidth is to high for the Mobo. And in any case Intel are still king. Performance per price is better than AMD.(Theres something special) The only problem is thier mobo are expensive and not really full od features like amd. but i’m hoping that that will change. And don’t forget i wanna see those “pics” and “scores” next time. Later dude. I’ll be frequenting your site alot. later.

  8. Anonymous says:

    And this is why anonymous comments on blogs are a bad idea. (jerith)