Bowls (n.): An old man’s drinking game.

We had a staff bowls day last Saturday. Now bowls is, as the post topic implies, an old man’s drinking game. These pensioners come to the bowling club and make a beeline for the bar in order to have their whiskey & milk (which, I’m told, is a club tradition). They then spend the best part of the day in the bar, and play bowls inbetween drinks, rather than having drinks inbetween playing bowls. Needless to say, I was witness to some rather wayward shots, while concentrating on my own game (although this was the first time I’d played, those who know me know my extremely competitive nature) and trying to ignore the old gentleman who kept on walking up and down offering us free shooters.

Now they’re trying to organise a golf day next month. That will be even more… erm, “interesting”. The last time I played a round of golf was at the mashie course in Emberton. The Umgeni steam train happened to be passing at the time… ’nuff said. That was five years ago and I haven’t touched a golf club since.

In response to the anonymous poster requesting photos of my computer – yes, I took some, but I’m having problems uploading them, so they will be posted later this week.

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