Fatal addiction.

I’m off at another LAN this weekend – no, it’s not a CTI one this time. It’s the Fatality LAN, which is happening at the action cricket place in New Germany this weekend. I’ll be doing some adminning (yes I know, I just made that word up), which will probably involve cleaning all the viruses off the network. So I will arrive on Friday afternoon armed with African potato, beetroot and garlic.

This is our first event, but we’re looking to grow it nationally eventually; the aim being to promote regional and national rankings and championships. Well, that’s the long-term goal anyway. For now, we’re all there to just have some fun. Except if you happen to be one of my opponents when Flatout 2 is being played. 🙂

I’m not sure when the next CTI LAN is going to be, but due to other LANs in the Durban area it will most likely be the weekend of the 18th/19th of November. That of course means that I won’t be there (assuming that it will be on that weekend), as I’m signed up for BarCamp Durban.

Other than that, I don’t really have anything interesting to post about. Most of the students have finished or are close to finishing for the year, so it’s really quiet. The few that are left have taken to sabotaging my workspace. I went and did some marking, and on my return found my keyboard unplugged, my speakers stuck to my monitor, my mouse ball hidden in my desk, and my chair hidden by Darryl’s desk. I know exactly which ones they were, because they do it all the time just to annoy me. Wait until the little buggers come in tomorrow…

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