On the road again…

Yes, I’ve got another road trip coming up. This time I’m off to Cape Town, as my sister managed to get into UCT Medical School. And guess who the lucky one is who has to drive her and her wardrobe down? I’m not sure of dates at the moment, but it’s whenever the residences open (early February if I’m not mistaken).

I’ll probably drive down on the Saturday/Sunday, spend the week in Cape Town taking a break and catching up with old friends of mine that I haven’t seen for a long time – there’s quite a few of them (yes jerith, you’re on that list), then drive back up on Friday and Saturday, which gives me Sunday to recover from the 2 day trip back. I’ll probably be taking the N2 route, as usual. The first day is really dodge the livestock, natives, and native transport (*cough* taxis *cough*) in the Transkei, but the second half of the trip (the Garden Route section) is really awesome. I can just see myself leaving Port Elizabeth early and getting to Cape Town late, as I usually go and stop off at all the little places along the way. One of those places is Storms River Mouth, by far my favourite place in South Africa. If you ever find yourself driving along that way, I would strongly suggest that you take that detour (it’s only 10-15 minutes off the main road, and trust me, it’s well worth it).

What I find really fascinating is that on the N2 drive to Cape Town, there’s only two tollgates, one at Port Shepstone and the other in the Tsitsikamma area, and last time I drove that way (April 2004), they were only around R10 each. By comparison, the trip to Johannesburg is 560km compared with ~1700km to Cape Town, you have five tollgates (Mariannhill, Mooi River, Tugela, Wilge and De Hoek), and four of them cost more individually than what you pay in toll fees for the entire trip to Cape Town. Well, at least none of us have to travel on the N4 in the Nelspruit area, apparently there’s one tollgate there that’s something like R50.

By the way, if you’re reading this and you’ve been communicating with me via e-mail for this past week, the reason why my responses have been so slow is that we’re having some issues with our e-mail system, which we’re trying to sort out. I know that it’s probably extremely frustrating for you, but there’s not much that I can do about it (apparently it’s Head Office’s fault).

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