Stupid mistake.

I’ve been informed this morning that KnightNet (an IRC network that I used to chat on) has recently promoted the two individuals responsible for chasing me off the network. Well, if they want to kill that network, they’ve done the right thing. Especially if you consider that one of them (NinjaBunny) is a bad-tempered old git who bans people for fun (a clear example of an IRC operator abuser, and yes, I’ve been on IRC for a while, so I know one when I see one).

On the other hand, why should I really care? I haven’t been on that network for around six months now and have no intentions of returning at all.

On that note, I actually haven’t been on IRC for a long time since our proxy server now blocks it, so you’ll only see me online for around an hour on weekends (bearing in mind that I still only have a 56K line at home). Ethereal is still the most likely place where you’ll find me.

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3 Responses to Stupid mistake.

  1. jerith says:

    I never really liked KnightNet all that much — Moloch was the guy who annoyed me the most after UKZN shut down their server and WildCat went away. These days I spend most of my time on NightStar who have really exceptional taste in opers. (They must have — they chose me, after all.)

    Given that KnightNet didn’t give me courtesy helpop right to debug spam/troublemakers when I was running by far the biggest channel on their network…

    Well rid of them, I say.

  2. Ron2K says:

    You probably won’t believe this, but anyway… because of my involvement with UnrealIRCd and ircservices, I was actually seen as a security threat.

  3. jerith says:

    Yay! Security through obsurity! Idiots.