Shopping for more gadgets

It’s gadget shopping time for me again. Here’s what I’m getting:

  1. A new cellphone. My four year-old Nokia 3310 is pretty much on its last legs.
  2. An MP3 player so that I won’t be totally bored while waiting at airports during my Australia trip. (3½ weeks to go!)
  3. An ADSL modem for when I get that much-needed upgrade next year.

That stupid cellphone of mine nearly made me late for BarCamp, as I had to get emergency repairs done to it (it stubbornly refused to read any SIM cards). Fortunately, BarCamp was running on African Time, so it didn’t make too much of a difference in the end.

(As for BarCamp itself, voyager42 has written about it better than I will ever do and Karnaugh has all the photos.)

The MP3 player isn’t as critical as the other two, but it would be nice to have some music to listen to on my trip. My only real requirement is that it must be able to hold several trance livesets, and that means nothing smaller than a 1GB model (which should do me just fine). The ADSL modem has been ordered, and I’m just waiting for it to arrive – it should come either later this week or first thing next week. I’ve been looking at ADSL service providers and found two offerings for a 4GB unshaped option for around R500 per month. I could get a 10GB shaped option for the same price, but I don’t generally download very large files (unless I need a Linux distribution and if I’m too lazy to make the great trek to the nearest Freedom Toaster) and besides, you need an unshaped option if you want to do online gaming. Which means that I can finally join jerith’s Neverwinter Nights posse.

I’m going to end this post. There’s a student behind me, and he’s watching what I type, which is kind of freaking me out. Yes Greg, I mean you.

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