Meet Ron, the family travel agent.

As the post title implies, I do a lot of the organising behind the family holidays, reasons being that I’m good at finding places to stay and that, owing to my photographic memory, I’m excellent at memorizing a road map and finding my way around the place. Anyway, on to what I’m blogging about… my mom phoned me this morning asking me to organise some flights between Durban and Cape Town. The first one will be flying my sister up from Cape Town for the Easter weekend. My aunt from Australia (the one north of Sydney) will be visiting us during this time, which is an added bonus. Then, my mom wants to go down and pay my sister a surprise visit at the end of April, when all those public holidays are. I was originally going to take my mom and dad to the Berg for that weekend, but all the places are already booked out so my mom wants to do this instead. I’m thinking of joining her, firstly because I won’t be accompanying the rest of the family when my sister starts varsity at the beginning of February, and because then we can go halvies on car rental and accomodation (obviously I’ll also be paying for my own air ticket).

I went looking at four options: SAA,, 1time and Mango. Out of those four, I’m recommending – I’ve flown with them many times before and it’s always been an enjoyable experience. Mango isn’t THAT much cheaper for flights between Durban and Cape Town, and their flights are at ungodly hours of the morning or similarly late at night. Evidently they only offer their “specials” for flights involving Johannesburg. My mom still needs to make the final decision, but my recommendation to her is that we pay the R300 extra for the return ticket and fly at a more reasonable time. SAA has excellent flexibility in this regard because they have so many damn flights, but they’re almost double the price of the other offerings, so I would only use them if I had to be in a certain place at a certain time. As for 1time, they don’t seem to do flights between Durban and Cape Town.

Speaking of which, I may also be in Cape Town for two weeks in September. A friend of mine has got timeshare down there, so we’re all planning to go as soon as we’ve saved up enough money and leave. I got offered a place on the trip, I suspect mainly because of my reputation as the “walking, talking roadmap”. Now we just need to organize a bakkie that will be big enough for all 5 of us, plus luggage. I can always donate the family trailer to the cause though.

I’ve got a meeting now so I suppose I’d better end off.

UPDATE: I was slightly misinformed. Regarding the Cape Town flights, it’s one or the other: either we fly my sister up or we fly down. Guess which one I’m pushing for? 🙂

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2 Responses to Meet Ron, the family travel agent.

  1. Kim says:

    Presumably your sister doesn’t read this blog, or your mother’s visit in April won’t be particularly surprising 🙂

  2. Ron2K says:

    Fortunately not. 🙂