How to survive a week on your own.

I present to you: Ron’s Survival Guide. To be used when the rest of the family is away in Cape Town.

  1. Make sure you have food that’s of the “put it in the microwave for five minutes” variety. Particularly if you can’t cook.
  2. Make sure you have some new trance livesets to listen to.
  3. Rent out some good films.
  4. Invite three of your friends over for a LAN at your place when it gets too lonely and too boring.
  5. Make sure that the dogs aren’t too much of a nuisance when aforementioned friends come over.
  6. If you’re really lucky, Telkom will pay you a surprise visit to check the local phone lines for ADSL connectivity. (As a follow-up, I phoned them this morning, and they still say that they’ll do the installation on the 18th.)
  7. There was a #7, but I’ve forgotten it now.
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