A cost analysis of Vista’s content protection

During my usual browsing of the PCFormat forums, I came across a link to this article, which discusses the costs of Vista’s new content protection.

Having read it, I think that I’ll stick with XP.

(At least now I’ll have something to talk about next time a BarCamp comes around.)

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3 Responses to A cost analysis of Vista’s content protection

  1. jerith says:

    So do I. Yay Erlang! Yay Bogochat!

  2. coolfuze says:

    Haha I just mistyped your blogspot address by accident and I ended up at at some church site lol
    Didn’t know you were so religious ron 😉

  3. Ron2K says:

    … and it’s a rather dodgy looking church site as well. Probably one of those evangelical groups.