What does Vista and my annoying little sister have in common?

A lot, actually. 😛

Vista got installed on my work machine today. The first thing that I noticed about it, it NAGS and NAGS and NAGS whenever you want to change settings or install something. Just like my little sister. I thought that I was done with the nagging when she went off to UCT in Febuary, only to have a piece of software prove me wrong.

Yes, I know that User Accounts Control (Microsoft’s name for the nagging) is a security “feature”, but couldn’t Microsoft have made it less annoying? As it is, I’ve had to disable it before taking out my frustrations on the computer, the monitor and Carl (my office mate).

It also didn’t want to pick up the onboard sound. I’ve no idea how I eventually got that working.

I’m still learning about Vista. Expect more rants when I find something to rant about. 🙂

Oh, and the gaming rig at home will have XP on it for the forseeable future. I don’t want to be nagged at home either.