Durban’s street name changes

Seems like the opposition parties are not the only ones in a tizz over this – so too is the good old Post Office. During my daily browsing of the South African news sites, I came across this article:

Letters of protests against Durban’s proposed street name changes have been delivered to the incorrect address following confusion over the street name, the Daily News reported on Tuesday.

The afternoon daily reported that a number of letters of objection which were supposed to have been delivered to 41 Margaret Mncadi Avenue were in fact delivered to a home in Margaret Maytom Avenue.

Margaret Mncadi Avenue was formerly known as Victoria Embankment. Residents wishing to object to the city’s latest name changes have been advised to write to eThekwini Municipal manager Mike Sutcliffe at 41 Margaret Mncadi Avenue.

Carol Hayward Fell told the Daily News that the first letter arrived in her letter box last Thursday.

“My first reaction was that Sutcliffe was writing to me and I opened the letter, only to discover it was an objection to the renaming,” Hayward Fell was quoted as saying.

A bemused Hayward Fell has promised to safeguard and pass on the mail.

Durban North councillor and Democratic Alliance (DA) caucus leader John Steenhuisen warned of the impending chaos in the postal system.

“This clearly shows there is a problem – just imagine the confusion when the more than 100 names are changed across the city. It has major implications for business alike,” Steenhuisen said.

Last week the Inkatha Freedom Party and the DA held a joint march that
drew 10 000 people to the city centre in protest against the name changes.

Now, why am I not bloody surprised?