Ya, gaming time again… 🙂

I had a garage LAN over at my place during that long weekend at the end of April – just a few mates of mine. During a break from the gaming, we disussed hosting LAN gaming events in Durban, as the local gaming scene appears to be dying. Anyway, to cut a long story short, things have managed to come together, and we’ve created the FRAG LAN. (FRAG, while being associated with gaming terminology, stands for Frikken Retarded At Gaming, which aptly describes our (lack of) gaming skills.)

After a lot of planning and a lot of time spent crimping network cables, our first event is just a week away. We’re having it at Amanzimtoti High School (we managed to get the venue for free).

We’ve tried to get some sponsors on board, but most people seem to be unwilling to sponsor new entrants into the gaming scene. Nevertheless, we did manage to procure a GeForce 8800GTS, which is going to whoever wins the Supreme Commander tournament. Hopefully the first event will be a success, so that we can secure more sponsorship and prizes for future events (after all, it’s the prizes that attracts the gamers).

Hopefully there’ll be a happy update to this little story after the event…

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