Help me test

We’ve developed a product called Yakkin at work – it’s a cellphone messaging app, not very different from MXit. It’s almost complete but it needs some final bug testing before we go live with it.

That’s where you, my loyal (*COUGH*) blog readers come in. I’d like you guys to install it on your phone, play around with it and report the inevitable bugs to me.

To get it, point your cellphone at My contact (Jabber ID) in Yakkin is

Have fun testing…

UPDATE: I suppose I should mention that it doesn’t work at my phone at the moment – our Yakkin developer is currently borrowing my phone, trying to figure out why… 😉

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4 Responses to Help me test

  1. jerith says:

    Is it OK if I put issue reports here? If not, just don’t approve my comment and let me know where to send them.

    I’m using a Samsung D600 if it makes any difference.

    – It would be nice if the “mobile number” input in settings was a numeric input rather than a text input.

    – Is it really necessary to log in again after changing settings? If not, I suggest that be optional.

    – Perhaps make exit and settings separate menu items.

    – The chat interface is a bit broken. Stuff changes between looking like it came from my number, my nick and the room.

    – Perhaps the bot should accept abbreviations for things. For example, “weather cpt” instead of making me type “weather cape town”.

    Perhaps I’ll play with it again later. 🙂

  2. Evil Uncle Edd says:

    on my nokia 6111 i had the issue of the keysbeing screwed up and wrong way around.
    the two main selection buttons were unresponsive.
    and i agree with jerith that number input fields are supposed to be actual numbers.

    And im not sure who’s fault it is but my activiation number took about three hours to arrive.

    I will play more when i get home from PMBOrchestra


  3. Ron2K says:

    Thanks guys – I’ve forwarded your comments on to our Yakkin developer.

    Feel free to report any more issues though.

  4. jerith says:

    Give me a shout (email, im, irc, whatever) when there’s a new version and I’ll take a look.