Anti-virus comparisons

Andrew has sent me an article detailing how popular anti-virus software deals with threats not present in standard AV signatures:

 The winner of this antivirus sweepstakes was a product called Avira, which managed to detect and defeat 71 percent of the unknown malware. Right behind it was the equally-obscure NOD32, which swept away 68 percent of the threats. The more well-known commercial products fared more poorly. Norton Antivirus and McAfee tied at a mere 24 percent, while Microsoft’s OneCare did even worse by only identifying 18 percent of the new threats. Resting at the bottom of the barrel were Kaspersky and eScan at nine percent, and AVG, which detected only eight percent of malicious software in addition to producing many false positives.

Original article

I’m SO glad I use NOD32 then. 😀

The article is from last year though, and is consequently on the outdated side. If you hear of a more recent study, please put the link in the comments… 😉

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3 Responses to Anti-virus comparisons

  1. LordAndrewSama says:

    Uhh, ron… You kinda/sorta gave me the link. It was in a post in the thread you gave me the link to in PCF(The one with the nasty comment about norton).

  2. jerith says:

    They don’t really comment on false positive rates in the article and their link to their source doesn’t work. I’d be very interested to see the actual data.

    By the way, I figured out why I couldn’t comment earlier. I had the font size bumped slightly, which caused the input box to wander off somewhere. Go figure.