Operating system showdown – Andrew’s version

For those who don’t read the posts on my forum, Andrew posted his thoughts on Windows vs Linux vs Mac last night. I thought it to be a pretty good analogy, so I’m reposting what he said here.

 here’s how I understand it:

there’s three options, windows, linux, or mac.

good things:

windows: most popular, most widely used, most supported, and runs most programs.
linux: more secure, more efficient, free, some other stuph.
mac: very popular, and “it just works” is there motto.

bad things:

windows: insecure, needs a good formatting every few months, insecure, resource hog, insecure, expensive.
linux: complicated, insane learning curve, and if you’re on 56k no natural internets(see insanely complicated learning curve), need lifetime commitment to understand.
mac: doesn’t run many programs, costs more than a first class hooker in vegas, can’t be upgraded, presumably also has learning curve.

personally, I have experience with windows and a tiny little bit of linux. I would recommend windows or mac. don’t bother with linux unless you’re really interested in learning. mac is good for artsy types because “it just works” and photoshop etc etc works well.

Of course, this is entirely subjective, so leave a comment if you agree or disagree with him. 😉