When bugs are bad

Andrew, for those readers who don’t know by now, packed his bags and emigrated to the UK at the end of last month – and is now looking for a job over there.

Hence, this immortal Google Talk conversation:

holy shit
there’s a lot of jobs for programmers

so stop being lazy and get one! 😛

working on embedded c/c++ systems for the freaking army


at least i’m british born and can get clearance, so I can still apply for the silly things
coz they specifically ask for that.
but there’s the question, do I want to work there? o_O
sure, if I put a bug in a website, someone gets pissed off, but an accidental bug in a rocket launcher?

I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes at the thought of Andrew putting bugs in rocket launchers – the results would be similar to the results of my lack of skill wielding banana bombs in Worms… 😀

Six of one, half a dozen of the other

Those who have visited the main part of my website lately will have noticed that it’s in serious need of some love and care lately – as soon as I have a free weekend coming up, I intend to do just that. Cue shouts of glee and happiness from those who actually visit that hideous thing.

“So”, you may be asking, “what’s up with the random blog post title”? Nothing random about it – let me explain. Given that I have PHP and MySQL at my disposal as far as my web hosting goes, it makes perfect sense for me to chuck out the old static pages and go with an open-source content management system. Now, the two obvious choices are Joomla! and Drupal, and yes, it’s pretty much six of one, half a dozen of the other as far as choosing between them goes. I have Joomla! experience but no Drupal experience so that may well end up being the deciding factor. If you believe that you can convince me otherwise though, leave a comment; I’d love to hear what you might have to say. 🙂

And… an explanation

You’re probably wondering why this blog went very quiet. Here’s why.

I had a lot of issues in my personal life; a noteworthy one being a certain Office Freak – for those who post on my forum, see me personally, communicate with me over GTalk or IRC, I need say no more. For those who don’t, let’s just say that this person made every day of my job living hell. That’s all that needs to be said. Fortunately, at the end of last year, we did an office reshuffle and I got given two absolutely awesome people to share a new office with, so I’m really happy about that – I do feel sorry for the new people who have to share the office with The Freak. I do still keep a convenient stash of death metal in my office for occasions when it gets lost and wanders in; fortunately I’ve never had to use them this year as I have the impression that he’s somewhat scared of me now owing to how often I played those CDs at full blast last year. It takes a lot for me to take the trance CD out and replace it with the death metal one, so you can imagine the near constant frustration that I endured.

Well, here’s hoping that it gets fired soon enough, because it doesn’t do any work.

The other reason is one of time – between work, my church band and related activities, and looking after three forums in what spare time remains, I didn’t have much time for anything else. It’s not as bad as it was previously, but things are still pretty hectic – I really need to take time out and decide what’s important to me and what I should rather stop doing. Also, the whole mess with CTI didn’t exactly help either.

That being said, I believe that this blog of mine has been sorely neglected, and I really need to start posting more stuff on here.

The ABC of photography

So, after an extended leave of absence from blogging (work, work, and yet more work), I bring you: the ABC of photography, named because this blog post is about three people I know who are brilliant amateur photographers, and those of the initials of their first names (yes, I know, it’s a freaky coincidence).

First up is Adam Barta – a very old friend of mine from my 2003 UCT days, now globetrotting in the US. I’d got a glimpse of what he was capable of via photos that he’d occassionally stick up on his Facebook profile; I recently learned that he set up his own photography site, so I went off to check it out the other day. Words cannot describe the photos that are up there. You have to check it out for yourself.

The other two are both members of the PCFormat forums: Bertus Ras (WiK1d) and Cathy Brookes (Tribble). Bertus has his own site located here – I must say, this kid has talent. Lots of it. Take a look at the close-ups there and you’ll see what I mean. Cathy doesn’t seem to have a website of her own – to find her stuff, you’ll have to sift through this monster of a thread over at PCF, but the search is worth it – so too is the sifting, as there are many other talented photographers that lurk there; Knuckles is one that comes to mind.

There’s other talent I know of out there – if you have your own photography site and want to mention it, let me know – Palu, I’m referring to you here!

EDIT: It appears that Cathy has a deviantART page, so it’s getting a link. 😉