Sandboarding: How not to do it

The drive back from Hermanus over the weekend (which I’ve mentioned in one of today’s earlier posts) reminds me of a little adventure that happened around a month ago.  Tim (another good friend of mine) managed to procure a holiday house in Betty’s Bay for the weekend – so, eight friends headed off there for a weekend of fun.

I won’t draw attention to other parts of that weekend (such as, me driving there with a car boot full of alcohol, and me returning to Cape Town minus said alcohol) – no, the focus of this post is rather our attempt at sandboarding down the massive sand dune that they have there.

And at this point, I’m going to shut up and let the video that we made do the talking:

Oh, if anyone is thinking of doing it: you rent the sandboards for 24 hours from the local DVD store (named “The Couch Potato” if my memory serves me correctly); if you’re heading in the direction of Kleinmond, it’s just past the bridge over the Dawidskraal stream (there’s a permanent speed camera just there).  The sandboarding dune itself is on the western edge of Betty’s Bay; access is via Delport Road.  I suggest taking a 4×4 with you though – I managed to get my car stuck in soft beach sand, and it required an army of strong-armed chaps to extricate it…

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