The Stilbaai excursion

Yesterday evening, after playing in the church band for the Sunday evening service, a few of us headed out to a local eatery for dinner.  The conversation between two of the guys revolved around their planned weekend away in Stilbaai (this coming weekend) – and halfway through, they turned to me…

“Hey, want to come along?”

You don’t need to ask me that twice!

Hence, I won’t be around this weekend (but may be able to post remotely).  This time though, I will remember to take the camera with me, so there should be a few photos posted around this time next week.

Stilbaai is, for those who have never been there, a rather peaceful and relaxed little dorp on the southern Indian Ocean coast, around four hours drive east of Cape Town (you take the N2 out and turn off just after you go past Riversdale).  I’ve been there once before in January, when some friends from Gauteng were staying in a holiday house there and phoned me up inviting me to pop over for the weekend.  I’ve only good good memories of that place, and I should be adding more in a few days time.

This does however mean that I need to get moving with my roadtrip playlist

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