There’s a World Cup on?

Apparently the Rugby World Cup starts tomorrow (and for anyone reading this who doesn’t know what rugby is, it’s basically a game where 30 overweight guys beat each other senseless – sort of like American football but without having timeouts every 20 seconds or so).

I’m not the biggest follower of spectator sports (except for F1), so while I vaguely knew that this event was coming up, I wasn’t aware that the first game is tomorrow – until I received a mail from someone in the Marketing Department inviting us all into our games room to watch the opening game tomorrow (between some random two teams – I’ve forgotten who they are, such is my disinterest).

So, apparently we now have to “unite behind the Springboks” (our national team), and our games room has been done up accordingly:

So, it seems like half the company will be invading the games room to watch tomorrow’s game.  Meanwhile, I’ll just be getting on with some real work (such as trying to archive a massive production database while making sure that existing code doesn’t suddenly and mysteriously break).

Then again, I could be living in New Zealand (where this event is taking place) – it seems like they’re crazier than we are:

So there you have it folks.  This is what I now have to put up with for the next few weeks…

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