Nature’s own kamikaze pilot

This is one of those “a picture speaks a thousand words” blog posts.  And in a nutshell, the local fauna at my current apartment block (though not for much longer) has turned hostile:

Apparently, this is where kamikaze originated from.

Said starling has made its nest above the motion sensor light above the (only!) egress of our communal garage.  It’s turned the previously simple routine of arriving and leaving into a mad dash to pass through the restricted area before its self-appointed sentry notices and reacts.

Here’s a shot showing the notice from the previous image, the entrance to the communal garage, and the motion sensor light.  The colour balance and contrast is very off, but I was far more concerned for my own survival than capturing a photo that people such as Ettienne would approve of.  (On that note, I’m planning a mission to Fish Hoek over the weekend for sunrise shots, depending on weather and whether I can drag myself out of bed at around 04:20…)

I can make it from the entrance to the car in 3 seconds. Can you?

And if we zoom in, we get a glimpse of the antagonist:

This little bugger has the speed, manoeuvrability and attitude of a fighter jet.  If you see it coming for you, run like hell.

I have no idea when the starling’s nest is planning on being removed, but considering the risks of a) aerial attacks while the forcible eviction is taking place and b) the starling rejecting the nest and its offspring if it’s been tampered with, no doubt our Body Corporate will be making sure it gets done properly.  Which will probably take a while.  In the meantime, I’m trying to obtain one of these

I’m still around!

I haven’t posted anything lately.  Here’s why:

  • The intensity at work went up several notches.
  • Getting my World of Warcraft raid team sorted with the new expansion — in fact, getting the guild as a whole sorted.
  • Helping Little Annoying Sister out with final wedding preparations (the big day is early next month).
  • The big one: I’m moving out of my current flat at the end of the year.    Goodbye Rondebosch (and all your drunk students), hello West Coast!

And a few minor reasons as well that I can’t think of right now.

So now you have it.