The Relationship Explanation

Following my last entry, I was asked in meatspace for some clarification on my statement on choosing to stay single.  Since I get asked this a lot (people who meet me seem to have some strange misconception that I’d make high-quality lover and spouse material), my only answer now is to take the “picture speaks a thousand words” approach, and (with apologies to Randall Munroe) provide an obligatory xkcd comic:

Yeah, story of my life.

Yes, I survived the end of 2012

So, I’ve survived the end of the world, the New Year’s celebration (and, keeping with tradition, the parts that I remember were awesome, but I don’t remember much…), the mini-relocation to Parklands (with the real relocation at the end of this month).  2013, bring it on!

Not much else to write about at the moment though.  Everyone who was down for Little Annoying Sister’s wedding and Christmas has gone home, I’m back at work, my raid team is back raiding again (and getting some decent progression in after some roster issues that plagued us towards the end of last year), and people’s attempts to hook me up with $female over the New Year were dismal failures due to my resistance (I have good reasons for staying single, and right now, I’d prefer to keep things that way).   In other words, same old, same old (although I’m now fighting R27 traffic instead of M3 traffic)– so, this is just a quick post that only has the purpose to let folks know that I’m still around.  Or suck up needless bytes of database storage.  But whatever.