I rode a bus, and I liked it

Earlier this year, I wrote about wanting to try out the MyCiti bus service as my daily commute, but couldn’t due to a spanner in the works.  That was sorted out, and the Woodstock feeder route came online on March 2nd.  So, later that same week, I decided to give it a try.

And… I liked it.  🙂

Haven given it a try for a month now (yes, I was slacking with writing random stuff on here last month — don’t ask!), impressions of it are that it’s clean, reliable, safe and efficient.  Just what one could ask for from a public transport service.  My only criticism is that it can be on the cramped side during peak hours, but then, I guess that it’s peak hours after all.

Moreover, it’s cost efficient.  At current pricing, it costs R5.30 to ride a feeder route, and R10.60 to ride the trunk route between the Cape Town Civic Center and Table View — but, by riding the trunk route, one gets a free feeder route trip on either end.  So, it’s R21.20 for a round trip, per day.  Meanwhile, petrol is around R13.00 per litre, and with my car doing around 13.5 kilometers for every litre of petrol that it slurps up, it costs me around R1 per kilometer to drive to the office and back.  And with a ~42 km round trip — yeah, the bus is far, far more cost effective.

So, I’ve ditched my car for three working days out of five (the other two, I’m raiding in the evenings, and so take the car to make sure I’m home in good time).  Don’t see this changing for the foreseeable future.

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