Restoring the history book

This little site of mine has gone though several reincarnations on the software side (to say nothing of the hardware it’s hopped between over the years).  The current incarnation, using WordPress as my CMS, dates from mid-2011.  Before then, I had some static content coded in PHP which I put up in November 2006 (the little forum that still exists somewhere around this site dates from the same time) and then largely left untouched until the 2011 WordPress makeover (that site has been preserved for posterity at… but, on the side, I also had a blog that predates the “Ramblings” section over here.  I started it in May 2006 on the Blogger site, and moved it over to my own hosting in 2007.  It got largely forgotten about and abandoned in 2009/10.

However, while I was doing a server audit and cleanup in preparation for the launch of a new personal project (of which I’m keeping under wraps for the time being, but you can bet that there’ll be a blog entry about it when it launches!), I came across working backups I made of the blog content from when I did the 2011 WordPress makeover.  There was a fair bit of content there, so I’ve managed to take all of that content and import it all into here.

Hence, you may notice a whole lot of content on the site dated 2006-2009.  That’s all of those old, early posts I made, available again.  Some of the content is poorly written, and a lot of the early stuff is rather immature and actually downright embarrassing when I look back on it now.  Still, it’s an interesting window into what I was up to then, and how my circumstances have changed (and indeed, how I have (hopefully!) matured) in the years since.

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