Seeing mountains again


The lack of any activity from my side over the Easter Weekend comes courtesy of me indeed being far over the misty parched mountains old — in this case, the Cederberg, courtesy of Amy’s family.

And there was one thing that was apparent.  The more some things change, the more other things stay the same.

Prior to this weekend, I had visited the area twice.  I had taken Tim and Kelle on a day roadtrip in September 2012 (and which I then promptly neglected to blog about), but my previous excursion was around New Year 1993/1994, when my family took an arduous drive from Durban across the scrubbiest parts of Namaqualand to get there, stayed there for two weeks, and then spent one week more in Cape Town (indeed, it was that holiday that laid the foundation for me living there today.)  Our choice of accommodation was in Sandrif camp, where we stayed in a chalet then (we were in a tent on the opposite side of the river this time) and, apart from a new row of chalets on the ridge overlooking the river that were apparently built a few years ago (Protea 1-4 for those who have been there), this photo could have easily been taken a couple of decades ago.


As a further example, back in 1993/1994 and being the precocious, snotty-nosed 8-year-old annoying brat that I was back then (some would argue that not much has changed there, but I think we’d better leave that for another day), I always insisted on stopping for some mountain water at a perennial waterfall located halfway up Uitkyk Pass (which joins the valley where CapeNature’s Algeria camp is located with the main plateau region).  I’m happy to report that, 20 years later, tradition has been kept alive.


As for the weekend itself, it was filled with swimming in aforementioned freezing river, teaching the kids at the campsite how to play cricket, freezing in tent in said campsite (on our last morning, my car registered 6°C when I moved it at ~09:00; presumably it had been even colder than that during the night), going on relaxing walks, exploring the nearby cave systems and weird rock formations, wine tasting at the nearby winery and just relaxing and forgetting about the stresses of everyday life for a precious few days.

Pure bliss.  We’ll be back next year.

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