Flu, pracs, and Blou Bulle… oh my!

Seems like everyone’s getting the flu these days. I started feeling sick on Wednesday afternoon, and had to go home early on Thursday. The doctor told me to stay at home on Friday, which was nice. He also prescribed some anti-biotics… not so nice. Anyway, they seem to have done the trick and I’m feeling much better now (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing another meaningless post). Now all I have to do is try to get my employers to classify Friday as “sick leave”. I got a note from the doctor, which should do the trick. (I hope…)

I’m sure that I speak for everyone in KZN by saying that the Sharks deserved to go into the Super 14 semi-finals. For those who don’t know, we finished level fourth with the Blue Bulls, but they went through by having a superior points difference. By one point. Personally, I can’t stand the team from Pretoria (they’re a bunch of cocky, arrogant bastards), so guess which team I won’t be supporting next week…

I’m probably going to be marking a lot of Wireless Networking practicals next week. Nothing major, they pretty much have to set up a wireless network with some sort of security. If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, we only have one qualified hardware instructor at the moment and I have some knowledge of what the hardware students do, so they’ve asked me to help out there. We’ve been discussing getting hold of a past hardware student and asking them to help out for a while. Much like I’m doing for the programming section at the moment.

And while we’re on the subject of exams, I found this on rooijan’s blog. (He’s a friend of mine.) Could be the best exam answer ever.

I’m printing this one out and sticking it on my computer to give the students something to smile about šŸ™‚

Stalking students…

This is what happens on IRC when one of your students decides to stalk you… happened last night when I was trying to upload those photos the first time.

* Now talking on #durban
* Topic for #durban is: We(Danny) put the U in idiot
* Topic for #durban set by wizzard!captain@nstuff.za.net at Mon May 08 13:17:16 2006
Ā«SavageĀ» Kieron
Ā«Ron2KĀ» …
Ā«SavageĀ» u work @ CTI
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Correct.
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Why?
Ā«SavageĀ» ??
Ā«wizzardĀ» and here we observe a stalker in their natural habitat. It seems we are lucky enough to see this one showing itself to its victim. Lets watch…
Ā«SavageĀ» LOL : wizzard
Ā«SavageĀ» no i know u but u dont know me
Ā«SavageĀ» well u do but u havent acknowledged me
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Stalkers… šŸ˜›
* Ron2K suspects that Savage found his blog…
* Savage raises a eye-brow
Ā«SavageĀ» back 2 the action
Ā«DannyĀ» haha
Ā«SavageĀ» Ron2k u sit next 2 a Indian guy
Ā«Ron2KĀ» Talking of which, it doesn’t want to let me update it. Stupid bloody 56K line.
Ā«SavageĀ» shame life will go on
Ā«SavageĀ» anies
* Ron2K does a /WHOIS on Savage
Ā«Ron2KĀ» * [Savage] (jvarty@ethereal-2FCE77AB.telkom-ipnet.co.za): james
Ā«Ron2KĀ» OK, now I know who you are.

For the record, James Varty, aka Savage, is a quiet guy who tends to keep to himself. Now we know why.

Photos. Finally

Turns out that the anti-virus update was leeching my bandwidth, so I’m going to have another go at posting those photos. Feel free to leave nasty comments if they don’t upload this time.

How do you use a 3GB cap in a week?

Don’t even attempt to answer that question. But anyway, the students at CTI managed it.

OK, let me give you some background information. We have an internet room for the students. We’re connected via an ADSL line to the rest of the world, with a 3GB cap. Now, with students being students… you know the rest. Anyway, this time it took them five days to blow it.

The problem is that the staff share the connection with the students, so we’re affected by this as well. With the finance department needing to do Internet banking, that is a bit of a problem. The solution should be to have two ADSL lines, one for the staff, and one for the students. That way, the students can experience hell on earth (and deservedly so) when they use up their cap, while we can get to go through the whole month without such worries (unless someone on the staff downloads naughty things, which realistically shouldn’t happen). However, some may argue that just letting the Internet abusers amongst the students abuse the Internet like that is unfair on those who actually use the Internet for work. So, what we should do is limit what each individual student could download to, say, 25MB per month. The only problem is that I don’t know how to do this. I would guess that a proxy server, together with a domain controller (giving the students an individual login and password; right now there’s no such authentication, which is a tad impractical) would do the trick. Only… I have no knowledge of proxy servers. I don’t even know if Windows Server 2003 has proxy server capabilities. Tried looking though its help system earlier today, but found nothing. Typical Microsoft help. Oh well, suppose I should ask Jeremy for help on how to use squid (Linux’s proxy server). He should be well aquainted with it, given his knowledge of UKZN’s system. Failing which, I’ll have to make friends with Google.

I’ll have some suggestions at the next staff meeting, though.

Finally found the digital camera after a few hours trying to figure out where it had been hidden this time, so I took some photos of my new case. They don’t want to upload over my 56K line at home, so you’ll have to wait a few more days to see them. (Motherboard still hasn’t arrived, by the way.)

On a more serious note. I mentioned car crashes in my last post. Unfortunately, one of my friends (who will remain anonymous) wrote off his car the other day. The details that I heard are a tad sketchy, but from what I gathered, he was on the M13 in the vicinity of exit 7 (the University Road / Essex Terrace offramp) when a pedestrian ran in front of his car. He swerved, lost control, ended up on the opposite carriageway (somehow dodging the oncoming traffic) before hitting the barriers on the opposite side. Cracked a rib and a knee cap, and wrote off his car (he was going at quite some speed), but at least he’s OK, and that’s what counts.

Finally. (I know you’re sick of reading this by now.) I’ve successfully registered the domain ron2k.za.net, and set it up to point here.

That is all.

Waiting for the car crash…

OK. My little sister turned 18 on Wednesday. On Thursday, she went for her driver’s license… and got it. God help us.

It’s not that she’s reckless or anything. She just doesn’t concentrate while driving. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s come close to crashing into something because she hasn’t looked. Lane changes on the M13 freeway are by far the best example of this. I’m just waiting for the day when she writes off my mom’s car.

(If I ever get a car, she’s not driving it.)

Talking about waiting, I’m currently waiting for Chris to get me a motherboard and power supply for my new killer gaming rig. I’ve ordered a 500W PSU and the Gigabyte K8N Pro SLI mobo. Going to have fun installing them when they arrive (sometime next week is most likely). Once done, I’ll get all trigger-happy with the digital camera and take some photos for anyone who cares. Come to think of it, I should take some photos of my case too.

I’m also working on registering the domain “ron2k.za.net” to point to this blog. It’s an easier URL for everyone to remember. I’ll post back once it’s up and running.

That’s all for me for today. Remember…

“Life is a game. Just very badly programmed.”

Righty. We’re up and running

Right. So I decided to create a blog. Suppose I should introduce myself to those who don’t really know me.

My real name is Kieron Thwaites, but my friends call me Ron for short. Hence my online identity, Ron2K. At the time of writing this post, I’m 21. I’ve just finished studying and I work at a private tertiary institution called CTI, teaching people just out of school how to program in C#. It’s only a three month contract, and I’m already one month into it, but hey, it’s better than nothing šŸ™‚

I live in Durban, South Africa. Spent almost my entire life there (apart from one year when I was at university in Cape Town). There’s not much there in the way of IT jobs though, particularly for C# programmers. As soon as I get enough work experience to earn enough money to live on my own, I’m moving back to Cape Town. It’s a nice place, and there’s some nice jobs there. The other alternative is Johannesburg, but I don’t want to touch that place with a ten foot barge pole…

I’m keen on gaming quite a bit. Unfortunately, at the moment my hardware just doesn’t quite cut it. 1.3GHz Celeron, 32MB TNT2 graphics card… you get the idea. At least I’ve got a job now, so I can upgrade. In fact, my new case (an Antec P180) arrived today, and the motherboard and PSU should be coming later this week, if Chris can organise it. Chris is a friend of mine who has contacts at Rectron (one of the leading hardware suppliers in this part of the world), so I get my stuff through him. Next month it will either be RAM or the processor, depending on price (my desired processor, an AMD 64 X2 4400+, costs more than what I earn each month).

I’m also heavily involved in IRC. Not so much as time spent chatting (I’m still in the dark ages as far as my Internet connection goes, with only a 56K line), but I’m involved in IRC server development. I’m one of about 20 beta testers for UnrealIRCd, which is probably the most popular IRC server out there, for all the small and medium sized networks at least. (Pay attention to all the connect info next time you connect to an IRC server and see what they’re running.) I also sit on the mailing list for IRCServices, which is one of the NickServ, ChanServ, etc. packages. Indeed, on another of my sites I offer a Windows build of IRCServices (which is something that isn’t supported by the developers, but a lot of people request it anyway).

Other than that, I’m keen on my cricket (I’ve worked as a professional paid cricket scorer at Kingsmead – the money that I earned there got me my aforementioned new case), and my music. I was quite into the cultural side of things at school (they gave me cultural honours in my final year) and I’m currently involved with a Christian youth band at my church. I’m Catholic, in case you want to know.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of adding for now. I’ll post back when I have something else to write about.