How hard can it be?

… trying to get from Upper Woodstock to Parklands in good time before the afternoon peak?

Well, if the N1 outbound is closed due to a freak truck accident, very hard.  Instead of cruising up the R27, which should have taken me around 30 minutes, I ended up having to take a rather convoluted route home to avoid the resulting city-wide traffic jam.  Made it home in 90 minutes though.

Of course, it happens on a day that I didn’t ride the bus in to work.  Just lovely.

Silver Slipstreams

The Capetonians who venture to this part of the blogosphere may remember the viral video of a longboarder setting off the Kloof Nek speed camera early this year.  Although I gave this a very brief mention at the time, the video deserves a repost…

… if only because of what comes next.

Meet Decio Lourenco: graphic design student by day, downhill longboarder by night.  After gaining fame (and notoriety from the Western Cape traffic officials) for the Kloof Nek stunt, Decio was contacted by Mercedes-Benz to hurtle down a section of Franschhoek Pass alongside an A 45 AMG driven by former professional racing driver Robbi Smith.

With the blessing of aforesaid traffic officials, who closed off the pass specifically for this to happen, a film crew from Bring Back Choirboy spent three days filming the pair of four-wheeled adrenaline junkies.  The result — a simply breathtakingly choreographed high-speed ballet.

Further words simply do not do what you’re about to see justice.

Yes, yet another photo post…

Partly inspired by Eric Nathan’s latest Cape Town timelapse video, I managed to snap on my mobile phone’s camera (after some exposure setting tinkering) these two photos: the first of yesterday evening’s sunset, the second of this morning’s sunrise.  Both of them shot from Upper Woodstock.



Now, I’ve gotten the crazy idea of trying to do timelapse photography.  I just need to scrounge around for some spare change to acquire the necessary equipment first (my mobile phone just won’t cut it, and I don’t think that my point-and-shoot that’s gathering dust will fare much better).

(Footnote: Of course, it’s entirely co-incidental that did a post covering sunset in Cape Town this morning.  You better believe it.)

The only reason to attend a Justin Bieber concert

In case you were unaware, we had Justin Bieber performing at the Cape Town Stadium last night.

Given the average age of his audience, I thought you guys would appreciate this image of the beer queue that 2oceansvibe put up earlier today:

Justin Bieber beer queue

What’s the bet that these were the parents dragged along to the concert and waiting for it to end?

UPDATE: A friend of mine who was volunteering at the concert last night informed me that all of the cooldrink was sold out before he got on stage. Plenty of beer available, though.

Winter has come

And back to real life: here in Cape Town, winter has come.  (Apologies to the Starks.)  It’s at this time of year that those of us living here realise that we’re on a tiny peninsula on the southern tip of Africa with nothing between us and the Antarctic.

While Tim (my housemate) posted on how his office park became a raging torrent, I came across photos on how the persistent winter rain caused a section of Lover’s Walk (just below the university) to collapse.

Dammit — I used to stay right around the corner from there…

When the sun sets…

Yes, I took this three weeks ago.  Yes, I’m only putting this up now.  Yes, you may draw and quarter me for slacking again…

Taken from Big Bay, shortly after sunset.

Taken from Big Bay, shortly after sunset.

One day, just one day, I’ll get a proper camera (the camera quality on mobile phones leaves plenty to be desired), then get someone really good at photography to teach me to take photos like these

Jozi Shore

This video has been doing the rounds this week, but as per usual, it takes me the whole week to get around to putting it up here:

Though, as 2oceansvibe says: “… we didn’t see the joke.  This looks pretty normal to us.  I mean, this is exactly what they’re like.  Right?”

(If anyone is interested in background information, the UCT Film Society has it.)

I rode a bus, and I liked it

Earlier this year, I wrote about wanting to try out the MyCiti bus service as my daily commute, but couldn’t due to a spanner in the works.  That was sorted out, and the Woodstock feeder route came online on March 2nd.  So, later that same week, I decided to give it a try.

And… I liked it.  🙂

Haven given it a try for a month now (yes, I was slacking with writing random stuff on here last month — don’t ask!), impressions of it are that it’s clean, reliable, safe and efficient.  Just what one could ask for from a public transport service.  My only criticism is that it can be on the cramped side during peak hours, but then, I guess that it’s peak hours after all.

Moreover, it’s cost efficient.  At current pricing, it costs R5.30 to ride a feeder route, and R10.60 to ride the trunk route between the Cape Town Civic Center and Table View — but, by riding the trunk route, one gets a free feeder route trip on either end.  So, it’s R21.20 for a round trip, per day.  Meanwhile, petrol is around R13.00 per litre, and with my car doing around 13.5 kilometers for every litre of petrol that it slurps up, it costs me around R1 per kilometer to drive to the office and back.  And with a ~42 km round trip — yeah, the bus is far, far more cost effective.

So, I’ve ditched my car for three working days out of five (the other two, I’m raiding in the evenings, and so take the car to make sure I’m home in good time).  Don’t see this changing for the foreseeable future.

Road closures for the Opening of Parliament

(Normal service has indeed resumed, in case you’re wondering.)

The City of Cape Town has published the road closures for the Opening of Parliament tomorrow.  You can click the link if you really want a detailed version, but if you’re anything like me and you just want a summary, here it is:

Stay well clear of anything going into the CBD between 16:00 and 21:00 tomorrow.

That is all.