Yes, yet another photo post…

Partly inspired by Eric Nathan’s latest Cape Town timelapse video, I managed to snap on my mobile phone’s camera (after some exposure setting tinkering) these two photos: the first of yesterday evening’s sunset, the second of this morning’s sunrise.  Both of them shot from Upper Woodstock.



Now, I’ve gotten the crazy idea of trying to do timelapse photography.  I just need to scrounge around for some spare change to acquire the necessary equipment first (my mobile phone just won’t cut it, and I don’t think that my point-and-shoot that’s gathering dust will fare much better).

(Footnote: Of course, it’s entirely co-incidental that did a post covering sunset in Cape Town this morning.  You better believe it.)

When the sun sets…

Yes, I took this three weeks ago.  Yes, I’m only putting this up now.  Yes, you may draw and quarter me for slacking again…

Taken from Big Bay, shortly after sunset.

Taken from Big Bay, shortly after sunset.

One day, just one day, I’ll get a proper camera (the camera quality on mobile phones leaves plenty to be desired), then get someone really good at photography to teach me to take photos like these

One more reason to love Cape Town

How many places around the world does one get to pull off and take photos like this on one’s drive home?  (And have the added bonus of avoiding a spot of nasty traffic on the R27 while you’re at it…)

FB_IMG_13575767176779901 IMAG0234

Malibu, eat your heart out.

(Yes, I know that I’ve promised sunrise photos from Fish Hoek or Simonstown.  I haven’t forgotten about that… thing is, I have to get up really early for those — I’m not a morning person! — plus, it’s ridiculously far to drive there now.  It’s still on my list of things to do, but it’s one of those “it will be done when it will be done, and not a moment sooner or later” things.)

Cape Town, 2am

The joys of working for an ISP: I had to go into the office last night/this morning to perform some maintenance that simply couldn’t be done at any other time.  Everything went smoothly though; I was done and off home a lot earlier than I was originally anticipating.

I did snap this shot of central Cape Town while I was there though:

The ABC of photography

So, after an extended leave of absence from blogging (work, work, and yet more work), I bring you: the ABC of photography, named because this blog post is about three people I know who are brilliant amateur photographers, and those of the initials of their first names (yes, I know, it’s a freaky coincidence).

First up is Adam Barta – a very old friend of mine from my 2003 UCT days, now globetrotting in the US. I’d got a glimpse of what he was capable of via photos that he’d occassionally stick up on his Facebook profile; I recently learned that he set up his own photography site, so I went off to check it out the other day. Words cannot describe the photos that are up there. You have to check it out for yourself.

The other two are both members of the PCFormat forums: Bertus Ras (WiK1d) and Cathy Brookes (Tribble). Bertus has his own site located here – I must say, this kid has talent. Lots of it. Take a look at the close-ups there and you’ll see what I mean. Cathy doesn’t seem to have a website of her own – to find her stuff, you’ll have to sift through this monster of a thread over at PCF, but the search is worth it – so too is the sifting, as there are many other talented photographers that lurk there; Knuckles is one that comes to mind.

There’s other talent I know of out there – if you have your own photography site and want to mention it, let me know – Palu, I’m referring to you here!

EDIT: It appears that Cathy has a deviantART page, so it’s getting a link. 😉

Photos from Down Under

As promised, some photos…

Here’s me at Durban International, thinking “Can I get on the plane already?”

Seems I wasn’t the only one…

I had a five hour wait in Johannesburg when I landed, so… here’s a photo that I took out of total boredom. Guess which flight was mine?

Talking about Perth, here it is:

… and here’s their supposedly world-famous beach. It’s kind of strange to imagine that Durban is at the other side of that ocean…

Here’s Melbourne:

That last photo is the queue of people waiting to see Shane Warne. Needless to say, I got out of that area pretty damn quickly.

Couldn’t resist this one, though…

Melburnians have a little competition amongst them to see who can put on the best Christmas lights display, with some rather spectacular results. Here’s one of them, taken on the night before I left for Sydney:

This is the place that we went to for Christmas Day:

… and another “can’t resist” photo:

I took many photos in Sydney, mainly of the harbour bridge and opera house, but I won’t post them here, mainly because everyone’s seen photos of that. So here’s one from the Blue Mountains, about an hour and a half west of Sydney. They boast the steepest train ride in the world, as these photos show:

That’s my cousin Lachlan next to me in that last one. And no, that wasn’t the actual train, just a model of it just for people who want to take photos.

There’s many more photos, but I don’t have the time or the space to post all of them. Maybe I’ll put them all up on my website if enough people bother me about it.

Oh, OK, I’ll post one more; this is the photo of me when I finally got back to Durban:

Spot the difference.