Moving to a new, improved home

After a run-in with my shared hosting’s PHP mod_security settings (it throws a hissy fit whenever people over on my forum submit a large image post, which happens fairly frequently), I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and do what I’ve been considering for a while now: procure a virtual private server and move this site over to it.  (This is only going to cost me an extra R20 per month, so I say bring it on!)

Why?  Because, unlike a shared hosting environment, I’ll end up with pretty much full control over the underlying website infrastructure.  If/when something breaks, I’ll be in a position to fix it myself rather than rely on it being fixed for me, plus I’ll be able to leverage more bleeding-edge type of stuff (in particular, shunning MySQL).

Stuff that I’d like to do and would now be able to:

  • Purchase an SSL certificate and make the site SSL only.  In the wake of recent revelations regarding the United States National Security Agency, this is more of a user privacy measure than a security measure, but it’s one that I feel I owe to this site’s users to take.  Granted, I could have done this already, but what’s stopped me from doing so is the inability thus far to do much about mixed content warnings (not so much a problem here, but would be problematic for my forum users): with root control, I can set up a Camo server (if I can figure out their rather cryptic documentation!) and solve that little issue.
  • IPv6 support.  My tingling geek sense demands that this be done!
  • Drop MySQL for PostgreSQL and/or MariaDB, as I share the open source community’s concerns for MySQL’s future and what Oracle is currently doing with it.
  • Potentially some other cool stuff as the need/desire/lust for cool stuff arises.

I’m still setting up, installing and configuring everything, but I’ll put a follow-up post once I’m ready to move things over.  Stay tuned for further details…

UPDATE: I’m posting updates in this forum thread to avoid polluting the blog’s RSS feed too much.

Roadtrip rules

These come courtesy of Megan (an old friend of mine), who has recently driven down from Durban to Stellenbosch to start studying at Maties.  Having recently done the Cape Town to Durban roadtrip myself (albeit the N1-N5-N3 route, whereas Megan followed the N2 down the coast), I definitely agree with these!

  1. The driver picks the music.
  2. “Aww, I like this song!” trumps rule #1.
  3. If you stop at a township, you have to take a shot.  Pun not intended.
  4. No car flirting in the Transkei, there are only trucks on the road.  [Ron — this also applies to anywhere on the N3!]
  5. Fist pumps are acceptable, and indeed welcomed.
  6. Don’t say “I’m going to crash early tonight” when still on roadtrip.  “I’m moeg” will suffice.
  7. If you are not the driver, you don’t need to see.

I’ll add more as I think of them.  If you have any good ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below…

Mission: Site overhaul

So, in a moment of creative frenzy, I decided to do away with the sorry excuse for a hacked-together-when-I-still-knew-bugger-all site that used to live here.  Out went the old static HTML files and the extinct forum that I used to run here, and in went a shiny new WordPress powered site, full of shiny awesomeness.

I’m still tinkering around with a few things here and there, so may change some content which I’ve created as well as add further content later.  Just bear with me for a while on this one, folks.  🙂  If there’s something that you’d particularly like me to put up, use the Contact form to get hold of me and I’ll see whether I agree with you or not.

The old site has been moved to a new home, for archival purposes (minus the forum for now – I’ll add it back later, albeit in a read-only state).  Just be warned though – it may burn your eyes out.