Tips for tankadins in the Walled City

I realize that I haven’t put anything up here for a good long while, and for that, I apologize.

While I’ve been slacking with the blogging side of things, over in the World of Warcraft, we’ve had a new expansion, and with it, new raids!  (Thank goodness for that; while Siege of Orgrimmar was a decent raid, we went way too long between the raid releasing and us heading off to Draenor.)  In the spirit of the old “The Light and How To Swing It” column on WoW Insider (may it rest in peace), I’ve put together some tips for tankadins that they might find useful when taking on Highmaul.

I’ll be grouping these posts as per Raid Finder Wings, so for now, I’ll be covering Kargath, The Butcher and Brackenspore (before people write in to tell me that you can go straight from Kar’gath to Twin Ogron and skip the bits in between if you really want to).  Don’t worry, these fights will be coming soon.

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